Common Bail Bonds Myths Debunked

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When a loved one has been arrested, it can be a traumatic and stressful situation for all. No one wants to find out that someone they care about is in jail. If someone you love has been arrested and is now awaiting trial, they may be sitting behind bars until they can continue the legal process. You may be thinking of posting bail so they can return home quickly. If you're considering using a bail bonds service, you want to make sure that you understand how the process works and that you don't believe myths. We've taken the time to debunk some common bail bonds myths: 

Myth: You Must Pay the Full Bail Amount to Get Released from Jail

If your loved one is sitting behind bars, they may have a bail amount set that feels impossible to pay. You may assume that you need to pay the full amount to get them released from jail. That's not the case at all. If you're willing to use a bail bonds service, you'll only need to pay a percentage of the set bail amount and a fee for service.

Myth: You Need to Pay Cash When Using a Bail Bondsman

You may be thinking of using a bail bondsman, but are worried about the financial aspect of it all. Many people assume that you must pay cash when using a bail bond agency. That's not the case. You can use a credit or debit card and you can also discuss using things that you own as collateral, such as a vehicle. 

Myth: Bail Bonds Companies Can Get Anyone Released from Jail

Unfortunately, that's not the case. A judge has to grant bail for someone to be able to get out of jail while they await the legal process. In some cases, if the crime is severe, or the person is a danger, the judge may not grant bail and then a bail bondsman is of no help at all.

Myth: Bail Bonds Fees Will Be Refunded if the Defendant is Found Innocent

No. You will not get your fees back, no matter the legal outcome. These fees are paid for using the services of the bail bonds agency and for the risk that they take by helping you.

If you need to post bail for a loved one who is behind bars, do reach out to a bail bonds agency and visit these guys. They're ready to help you quickly so that you can help someone that you care about get out of a tough spot.