Expectations For Using A Bail Bondsman's Services

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Know someone in jail that is requesting your help to bail them out? You have the option to use your own cash to pay the bail for early release from jail or use the services of a bail bondsman when you do not have the cash. Here is what you can expect if you need to use a bondman's services.

Locating A Bail Bondsman

Know that it is common for a bail bondsman to be available practically 24/7. If you want to get someone out of jail as soon as possible, know that you do not have to wait until morning to get the ball rolling on this process. You can do it as soon as you find out the person is in jail.

Providing Information

The first step will be to contact a bail bondsman. However, they are going to ask you some questions that you need to know the answer to. This includes the person's full name, the name of the jail they are being held at, their booking number, and the charges that they are facing. The bondsman will be able to use this information to look the person up and verify their bail amount.

Meeting The Bondsman

The bondsman will be flexible about where you can meet them to set up the bail bond. It is common for them to meet you at the jail where the person is being held, but they can also meet you at your home or the bondsman's office location. Your bondsman may even be able to do everything over the phone. This is because the paperwork and payment can be done electronically wherever you are, so there is no need to go to a single location to get it done. 

Paying The Fees

The bondsman will let you know how much it will cost to get the bail bond, which involves paying a premium. The premium is based on a few factors, with the main one being the total amount of the bail being requested. You'll be expected to pay a percentage of their bail as a premium, which is like the interest you pay for the loan. Your state has probably set limits on how much this premium can be to ensure you are not being overcharged for the bondsman's services. 

Getting The Person Out Of Jail

Once the paperwork has been signed and the premium has been paid, the bondsman will start the process of getting the person out of jail. Much of this process is out of your hands, and all you need to do is show up to pick up the person from jail.